Friday, June 3, 2011

We Want Your Feedback!

To all our lovely readers out there in foodie world:

     Abbe and Jebby want your feedback and your recommendations! Is there something that you've been burning to tell us about how we can better our blog and make your food voyeurism more enjoyable? Do you know of an amazing restaurant that should get some A & J recognition? Tell us about it!
     Here at Abbe and Jebby headquarters (i.e. Jebby's living room) we have been brainstorming some new and exciting ideas of how to better our blog and all of this collaboration wouldn't be complete without the opinions of the people who matter the most; YOU! So tell us what you think, how you feel, what are your deepest and most forbidden food fantasies? And watch the magic unfold. 
     You can submit your suggestions to us via Twitter, our Facebook page, our Tumblr, or here on our Blogger with a comment. Keep an eye out for your recommendations to be featured in our poll, where all our readers will vote for our next two restaurant reviews!
     With tender, juicy love,
     A & J


  1. You did ask what my deepest and most forbidden food fantasy is, so here it is (be careful what you ask for)...

    I would like to be the filling in an Abbe and Jebby "house special" sub sandwich.

    Now that would be a meal to remember!