Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mini review: Water Avenue Coffee Company

And now for something completely different...

     Jebby here. It's a gray and drizzly day and I was just hitting the old 2:00 post-lunch slump as I made my way to my parents' kitchen and bath design showroom to do some computer work for them. Bakery Bar (the only coffeeshop within walking distance) just closed their Water Avenue location, leaving the workers and residents of the SE waterfront industrial district sadly coffeeless. Much to my surprise, I saw that a new coffeeshop called Water Avenue Coffee Company had opened catty-corner from where Bakery Bar used to reside. I popped in to load up on caffeine and was surprised to find striking, open space with lots of windows. Most coffeeshops and restaurants in this neighborhood go for the trendy concrete walls and bare beams look, and WAC is no different... except here, something is more inviting that I can't quite put my finger on.
     If the spare space isn't your cup of tea (yuk yuk yuk) their coffee is sure to float your boat. They roast it themselves and it's mighty fine - deep, rich and nutty without a trace of bitterness. The WAC also offers sandwiches and delicious-looking pastries, in case you Bakery Bar fans were worried about that. If you work in this industrial wasteland and are sad about the closing of Bakery Bar, be sure to drop by Water Avenue Coffee. They're pleasant, local folks who are passionate about coffee, and it shows.

You can check out what the people at H2o Ave. are up to at

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